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Crafting Legal Solutions Together

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The Lewis Farmer Law Group, APC specializes in facilitating dialogue, fostering mutual understanding, and guiding negotiations to reach amicable resolutions without the need for judicial imposition.

What We


Divorce and Family Mediation

Assisting couples in resolving disputes related to divorce, child custody, visitation rights, and division of assets outside of court.


Employment Mediation

Helping employers and employees find common ground in disputes involving wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or contract disputes.


Estate and Probate Mediation

Assisting families in resolving conflicts related to wills, trusts, inheritance, or estate administration, helping to avoid costly and emotionally draining litigation.


Business and Commercial Mediation

Facilitating negotiations between business partners, vendors, or clients to resolve disputes over contracts, transactions, or business disagreements.


Real Estate Mediation

Mediating conflicts between landlords and tenants, property owners, or neighbors regarding property rights, leases, or boundary disputes.


Personal Injury Mediation

Facilitating negotiations between accident victims and insurance companies or liable parties to reach fair settlements for compensation without going to trial.

Client Testimonials

Choosing The Lewis Farmer Law Group for mediation was the best decision I made. Jerlisia Farmer's approachability and legal expertise helped us navigate complex issues effortlessly. Their commitment to our interests and timely resolution surpassed our expectations. We're grateful for their support throughout.
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