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Secure Your Legacy:
Estate Planning & Probate Services

Plan for the future with confidence. Our estate planning services offer personalized solutions to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out. From wills and trusts to guardianship arrangements, we help you navigate the complexities of estate planning with ease.

The Lewis Farmer Law Group, APC offers expert guidance through the complexities of probate and estate administration, ensuring a smooth process while you focus on grieving. With compassionate support and legal expertise, he resolves disputes and handles all legal matters efficiently.

Estate Planning Services

Looking to plan your estate? Here’s what we offer:

  • Will or Trust Advice: We’ll help you decide between a will or a trust, based on your needs.

  • Avoiding Probate: Learn how to skip probate in California for smoother asset transfers.

  • Protecting Property Tax Rates: Discover ways to safeguard your home's property taxes.

  • Understanding Property Types: Get clarity on community and separate property distinctions.

  • Choosing Guardians: We’ll guide you through selecting guardians for minor children.

  • Healthcare and Financial Decisions: Identify trustworthy decision-makers for critical situations.

Let us simplify estate planning for you and your family.

Mother and Daughter Love

Seamless Estate and Probate Solutions

Unlocking Probate's Potential:

  • Property Passage: Streamline the transfer of assets to heirs with our expertise.

  • Probate Launchpad: Initiate probate confidently with our seasoned guidance.

  • Asset Armor: Safeguard assets in probate with our protective strategies.

  • Beneficiary Bounty: Identify rightful beneficiaries and honor their entitlements seamlessly.

Let's simplify probate complexities together!

Conservatorship Services
Expert Legal Support for Managing Finances and Personal Care

Our firm provides dedicated assistance for establishing, contesting, or ending conservatorships.

Attorney Jerlisia Farmer offers compassionate and assertive advocacy, guiding clients through the complexities of conservatorship proceedings.

Whether you're seeking to protect a loved one's interests or navigating your responsibilities as a conservator, we're here to help.

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